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AlochanaamR^itaM Unique greatness We should never tell ourselves, openly or indirectly, "I want to be great, what vocation can I find for myself in order to become great?"

On the contrary, we should tell ourselves, 'There must certainly be something I can do better than anyone else, since each one of us is a special mode of manifestation of the divine power which, in its essence, is one in all. However humble and modest it may be, this is precisely the thing to which I should devote myself, and in order to find it, I shall observe and analyse my tastes, tendencies and preferences, and I shall do it without pride or excessive humility, whatever others may think I shall do it just as I breathe, just as the flower smells sweet, quite simply, quite naturally, because I cannot do otherwise."

- The Mother (Light for Students)
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sa.ngItaM karNATaka hindusthaani lalita (telugu)
telugu purANAlu pravachanAlu sAhityaM toli velugulu
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Assorted Telugu Film Songs (realaudio)

Here are some of the telugu film songs I liked at some point in time. But I don't like some of them now. It's unlikely I'll add more to this website :-)

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play, rm play, mp3 EruvAka sAgarO
play, rm play, mp3 madhura muraLi
play, rm play, mp3 nagumOmu (bhAnumati)
play, rm play, mp3 repalle maLLI muraLi vinnadi
play, rm play, mp3 vayyAri gOdAramma
play, rm play, mp3 abba nI tiyyani debba
play, rm play, mp3 priyatama
play, rm play, mp3 sundari nIvu
play, rm play, mp3 kIravANi
play, rm play, mp3 manchu kurise vELalO
play, rm play, mp3 chhamaku chhamaku chhAm
play, rm play, mp3 tolisAri mimmalni chUsindi modalu
play, rm play, mp3 siitaakOka chiluka songs
play, rm play, mp3 ghallu ghalluna (nIrAjanam)
play, rm play, mp3 chaltI kA nAm gADI (cheTTu kinda pleader)
play, rm play, mp3 yamahO nI yama yama andam
play, rm play, mp3 kOlO kOlamma

- Sarada and Sai Susarla (